Five Benefits of Using R.A.M. at Your Law Enforcement Agency

Law enforcement agencies of all sizes know just how time-consuming, costly, and resource-driven accurate and up-to-date R.A.M (Range & Armory Management) can be.  Good reason why more and more agencies are outsourcing this important task to vendors with expertise.  INTELLEO highlights five benefits of using R.A.M. for any law enforcement agency.

Examples of R.A.M Challenges, and INTELLEO’s Beneficial Solutions

A June 2017 memo from San Antonio City Auditor Kevin Barthold to the city’s police department highlights many of the challenges law enforcement faces in undertaking time-sensitive, cost-effective, and accurate R.A.M.  Highlighted in the Executive Summary are five specific steps suggested to accomplish department goals and objectives.  Among recommendations for more effective R.A.M procedures, two stand out:

*Creating policies and procedures for processes related to the intake, issuing, and maintenance of all firearms equipment.

*Implementing a standard process for conducting periodic physical inventories of firearms being stored in the inventory and that evidence of those inventories should be maintained and readily available.

A pair of R.A.M. concerns are also discussed in other publications on the topic, including in the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training document, “Law Enforcement Evidence & Property Management Guide.  Highlighted in Section 4.2-Firearms Handling Procedures, and Section 6.3-Firearms: Special Procedures for Disposition/Purging.

These R.A.M. challenges and more are the focal points of what INTELLEO does and how this hi-tech approach benefits law enforcement agencies.  In a nutshell, those five benefits include:

  1.  The combination of sophisticated software and technology married to the experience and vetting of INTELLEO staff, complimented by the input of partnership law enforcement agencies that directly address the tracking and documentation of range and armory management practices.
  2. The tracking and documentation of all departmental firearms use, maintenance and repair.  The tracking and documentation of all firearms upgrades.
  3. The tracking and documentation of modifications of specialized weapons for department SWAT Teams, Emergency Response Teams, and other specialty law enforcement units.
  4. The verification and documentation of all sworn officer weapons training and certification.
  5. The verification and documentation of policies, procedures, and programs under the purview of range and armory management that contribute to the accreditation and certification of law enforcement agencies of all sizes.

Many of the challenges identified above were also concisely highlighted in an Internal Audit on armory practices presented to the Boise City Council and Police Department in a November 2015 report.  Among the specific duties and responsibilities of department armorers and armories focused on issues such as:

*Maintaining written and electronic copies of weapons inventories.

*Maintaining repair and maintenance records.

*Ensuring an annual weapons inventory is conducted.

*Destruction of certain evidence weapons (mandated by law).

*Conducting an annual inspection of all deployed weapons.

The internal audit resulted in the recommendation for opportunities to improve departmental armory practices which fall directly under the umbrella, experience, expertise and technology of INTELLEO.  Those recommendations included:

*Strengthening armory access controls.

*Providing additional security measures to weapons in-Armory.

*Enhancing periodic inventory processes.

*Improving basic inventory listings/tools.

INTELLEO’s approach and tools result in the bottom line of more accurate and verifiable firearms and training documentation, combined with a significant reduction in the time and costs of sending departmental personnel for required annual and periodic training.  Additionally, agencies also benefit from a reduction in the necessity of taking sworn officers from their critical “on the street” roles and dispatching them to Armorer Certification Programs.

Partnering with INTELLEO also contributes to law enforcement agencies meeting all legal compliance with local, state, and federal laws.  Ancillary benefits to law enforcement agencies include freeing up sworn officers to dedicate more time to the core mission of serving and protecting; relieving the burden of armory management for agencies with small; maximizing stretched staffing levels; and providing documentation that leads to greater overall departmental accountability.

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