Range and Armory Software for Weapons Inventory, Maintenance, and Reporting.


Built by law enforcement professionals – for law enforcement professionals

As the vanguard of our law enforcement software, our Range and Armory Management (RAM) software solution is a scalable, user-friendly, and web-based program.  The RAM software allows for the importing of your entire firearms inventory.  Standard modules built into the system will assist you with weapons assignment tracking along with maintenance and training records for duty and special team firearms.  A weapons testing protocol tracks all weapons repairs and upgrades for safety assurance.

Printable reports (derived directly from the software) will assist your agency’s record-keeping by tracking maintenance, use & training and assist in accreditation schedules where applicable. RAM can greatly reduce the frustration associated with documentation of local and federal compliance, including government (1033) surplus programs.

Our range and armory software is available to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Partnering with INTELLEO also contributes to law enforcement agencies meeting all legal compliance with local, state, and federal laws.  Ancillary benefits to law enforcement agencies include freeing up sworn officers to dedicate more time to the core mission of serving and protecting; relieving the burden of armory management for agencies with range and armory staffs, maximizing those stretched staffing levels, and providing documentation that leads to greater overall departmental accountability.


  • Secure
  • Web-based
  • Complete Inventory Import
  • Weapons Assignment Tracking
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Record Keeping and Reporting
  • Accreditation Standards
  • Local / Federal Compliance
  • Government (1033) Surplus Tracking
  • Economical and Cost-Efficient
range and armory software, policeman training at range

Designed to provide an uncomplicated system for inventory management, assignment, training, and maintenance tracking. Instant reports for accountability, Accreditation, and administrative decision-making.

Screenshots of active Range and Armory software

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