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INTELLEO is an all-in-one solution for law enforcement agencies. As LE Distributors of Glock, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Springfield, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Kahr Arms, Taurus, Kimber, Charter Arms, North American Arms, Diamondback Firearms, Kel-Tec, SCCY, H&K, Colt, Bushmaster, Mossberg, Lewis Machine & Tool, Ares Defense, Benelli, Leupold, Aimpoint, Trijicon, Eotech, Surefire, Streamlight and many other OEM's, we can handle all of your supply needs. Check out our inventory by clicking the link below.

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Providing military and law enforcement agencies of all sizes with supply, experience, technology and logistics to streamline your armory program needs so you can concentrate your resources on your core mission and what your do best. Our web-based application provides Inventory Management Solutions to help your organization track and records all firearm repairs and upgrades. Weapons testing following repairs and upgrades, maintenance records for firearms use and training: Documentation, Certification, Accreditation.

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INTELLEO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Community Champions offering software, technology, products and services to small, medium, and large military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. We are pleased to announce our latest offering within our LEOCHAMP suite of software solutions-- A web based Range and Armory Management system specifically designed with the needs of agencies in mind. LEOCHAMP has proven its exceptional ability to manage, track and account for both department owned firearms and off-duty approved carries. This robust application provides:

  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Conducts, tracks and records all firearm repairs and upgrades
  • Weapons testing following repairs and upgrades
  • Documentation
  • Certification
  • Accreditation to ensure legal compliance with local, state, and federal laws

Range and Armory Management (RAM)

Our RAM solution is at the forefront of the LEOCHAMP suite of applications, leading the way in the development of software with active participation from our law enforcement partners. RAM allows for the importation of your entire firearms inventory. A weapon testing protocol tracks all weapons repairs and upgrades for safety assurance. Standard modules built into the system will assist you with tracking records such as weapons assignment, training and maintenance.

With the ability to track these records, printable reports (derived directly from the software) will be available to assist in agency record keeping and accreditation schedules where applicable. RAM can greatly reduce the frustration associated with documentation of local and federal compliance, including government (1033) surplus programs. Ask about our no upfront cost pilot program.

Armory Services

Complementing our suite of software solutions, INTELLEO provides a full range of armory services to law enforcement agencies. Our staff members possess the skills necessary to ensure proper firearm maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Each armorer has been carefully vetted through our existing law enforcement customers. INTELLEO provides expert service for the modification or specialization of weapons for SWAT, Emergency Response Teams, and Specialty Units. Our on-call SME’s are available for judicial testimony when necessary. We can also assist you in implementing a seized weapons salvage program.

Budget conscious small to mid-sized agencies can leverage our services to reduce personnel expenditures such as the training costs associated with sending sworn personnel to armorer certification courses.

Training Services

INTELLEO is staffed by many active-duty and former military personnel, former law enforcement officers as well as certified civilian training personnel. With a full complement of certified armorers, training instructors and Range Safety Officers we are available to assist agencies of any size with annual or special qualification events. Experts in our software package, these training professionals can also assist your existing staff with proper implementation and use of our RAM software.

Organizations with newly assigned armory personnel will benefit from our highly-experienced team. We possess substantial organizational experience with all facets of armory and range environments. Whether you are looking to reorganize or stand-up an entire armory/training system – we are here to lend our knowledge.

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